Easter Skate 2020


Rules clarified (Annex A, B and C) 6.1.2020

PDF-tiedostoConfirmation EasterSkate2020+.pdf (84 kB)
PDF-tiedostoAnnouncement_Easter_Skate_2020.pdf (149 kB)
PDF-tiedostoAnnex+A.pdf (120 kB)
Technical requirements ISU-series. UPDATED 3.1.2020
PDF-tiedostoAnnex+B.pdf (122 kB)
Technical requirements Star evaluation UPDATED 3.1.2020
PDF-tiedostoAnnex+C Adults.pdf (199 kB)
Technical requirements Adults UPDATED 7.1.2020
MS Word -tiedostoAnnex+D.docx (17 kB)
Entry form
MS Word -tiedostoAnnex+E.docx (138 kB)
Planned program component sheet
Tuntematon tiedostomuotokilpailuissa-tarkistettavat-elementtitasot-29062017 .xls (55 kB)
Palautus ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä, vain suomalaiset seurat (Debs A, Novice A+B, Junior B+A, Senior B)
PDF-tiedostoJudges Easter Skate 2020.pdf (41 kB)
PDF-tiedostoJudges Friday.pdf (87 kB)
PDF-tiedostoJudges Saturday.pdf (88 kB)
PDF-tiedostoJudges Sunday.pdf (86 kB)

This year there won't be a steel category as it is not a recognised category with the Finnish Skating Association or the ISU and as such there are no rules available for it.